Stand-up comedy is a value enhancing social and professional asset and should be on everybody bucket list. It’s a perfect marriage of art and science that teaches you to master public speaking, verbal expression, spinning, the intricacies of humour and self-confidence. Everyone can learn it.
We’ll teach you, guide you, support you, and if need be, be there to catch you.
Every year JokeULaugh Comedy Combat produces two separate joke competitions and a Limbo Lion Contest that are open to all.
The Authentic Comedians competition runs from January to June. Comedians must have their own original material.
In this competition ‘Joke thiefing’, burrowing, or cheating are grounds for disqualification, and being banned.
The Klepto Comics competition runs from July to December. In 2021 it will run from September 9th to December 16th.
These comics are allowed to beg, buy, burrow, sneak, thief or steal, some, or all of their material!
The Limbo Lion contest runs on the same night as the Klepto Comics from July to December. In 2021 it will run from September 9th to December 16th.
It is the responsibility of all contestants to read, understand and follow the specific rules of the competition they enter.

Comedy Combatants Competitions

For each comedy contest the winners will be awarded as follows:
The first place winner gets a Grand prize of one thousand dollars, a gold plated trophy and gifts
The second place winner gets five hundred dollars, a silver plated plate and gifts
The third place winner gets two hundred and fifty dollars, a bronze coloured plaque, and gifts
These will be awarded during the official ceremonial presentation on Thursday December 23rd, after the champion is declared.
The weekly winners receive $100 and a plaque on Thursdays.
Additional gift prizes may be given as available.

Admission is $10.
The venue is Phaze 2 Restaurant & Lounge 1500 Royal York Rd, Etobicoke, Ontario, M9P 3B6.
(Between Eglinton and Lawrence). It is the 5th place to the right of Dollarama and left of Telus.
There are lots of free parking. It’s on the TTC route.
Doors open from 6pm
Show starts at 8:00pm
Seating is on a first come, first serve basis. Try to arrive as early as possible as these shows fill up quickly and sell out.
All contestants are required to pay a registration fee of $20 to enter and this is non-refundable. Acceptance is on a first come basis when a confirmation notice has been given.

Pay by e-transfer to: [email protected] or at the Venue. The fee must be paid at least 24 hours before the show begins, i.e. by 7pm the previous day of the competition. Comics only pay once for the entire length of the competition and do not pay again as they move to the next round. However, if they did not advance and want to try again, they must re-register and pay again.
Acceptance is on a first come basis when a confirmation notice has been given.
Contestants who are absent for any reason when they are called by the emcee, will be disqualified and lose their registration fee.
To register let us know your full name, phone number, email, the name of the competition you wish to register, and that you have read, understood and agree to follow all the rules.
Register at: [email protected]. The Thursday before the finals is reserved for those who were unable to attend the earlier rounds like Out-of-towners or those with exceptional circumstances.

Determining the Winners
Each audience member will be given a ballot with the names of all the contestants as they enter.
They indicate their first, second and third picks and turn in the ballot when requested.
If audience members are leaving before the end, they must hand in their ballots as they leave. Inappropriately completed ballots will not be used. More than one ballot cannot be accepted from one person.
Suggestions for judging include: humor and creativity, subjects, fluency and articulation, presentation, stage presence, and professional appearance, genuine crowd appreciation, and number of good jokes.
From the ballots collected at the end competitors are awarded 10 points for each first-place vote, 5 points for each second place vote, and three points for each third place vote.
The competitors with the top three scores of the night move on to the next round.
The emcee also asks the audience to vote by applause and this counts as only one vote. 10 points are awarded for loudest, 5 points for louder, and three points for loud applause. We kindly ask that members of the audience be fair and clap for all participants – just louder for their picks!
Scores and tallies are calculated and re-checked for accuracy of the results. The final scores are revealed.

Rules of the Competitions

The allotted time for a routine is 4 minutes during the preliminary, and 5 minutes for the finals.
Points are deducted for exceeding the time limit – one point for every 5 seconds that it is exceeded. Disqualification occurs after 30 seconds.
Points are also deducted for falling short of the time limit – one point for every 15 seconds that it falls short. This is determined by the official time scoring team.
The decision of the judges will be final and binding.
Memorize your lines as the use of any notes lead to the deduction of 3 points for each usage.
You cannot mention or suggest any religion.
No vulgar language, inappropriate racism, or sexual depictions are allowed.
If unsure about your material, contact the coordinator at least 3 days in advance to check.
Comics are required to pay full admission to see a show if they are not performing.
Competitors must follow all the rules of the venue in which the event is held. If they are asked to leave for any reason they will lose their spot and registration fee.

Competitors must be 19 years or older.
It is to your advantage to bring as many friends and family members as you can, and promote yourself on social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter. Members of the audience are individual judges so the more you bring the more you improve your chances. However we kindly ask that all guests stay to the end of the show and support all the contestants.
Comedians are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.
In all rounds, show time is 9 pm. Competitors must check in personally no later than 8 pm or they will be disqualified and lose their registration fee. During the preliminary rounds they can reapply to enter the next week but they need to pay the registration fee again.
The winners for the rounds will be announced nightly.
Tips for improving are provided to participants who attend our weekly comedy training sessions.

The Conclusion Light
A light goes on to alert you when there is one minute left on your routine. There is another light at the end of your allotted time. At 15 seconds after the time has expired, soft music begins to play. Disqualification occurs at 30 seconds. The mike is cutoff, louder music will play, and the MC will return to the stage. Note that the mike will be turned off at the discretion of the mike operator for any unsportsmanlike or inappropriate behaviour or as he/she sees fit.
The light can be a flashlight, or a fixture near the back of the room. It is your responsibility to know where the light is, or what it looks like.

Lion limbo Contest

No registration or registration fee is required for the Limbo Lion Contest. It is a contest created for fun and audience participation. However, contestants must sign a waiver indicating that their participation is voluntary and they are healthy to take part without undue risk.
The contest is won by the last person who passes under the bar in the lowest position.
Competitors must be 19 years or older.
Loonie and Toonie plaques are awarded to winners as follows:
Round 1 Winner – a Loonie Plaque
Round 2 Winner – a Toonie Plaque
Round 3 Winner – a 3 Toonies Plaque
Round Finals Winner – a ten Toonies Plaque; 2nd placed – an eight Toonies Plaque; 3rd placed – a six Toonies Plaque
The final round winners will also be given gift prizes.

The Sideshow Show Off

Any contestant who enters the Limbo Lion contest can make a challenge to perform and advance by demonstrating an alternative skill, act or talent. This happens at the end of the limbo dance when a winner is declared. They simply shout “Challenge” and the arrangements will be made to accommodate them to perform their act. The act must be approved at least one hour before the Limbo contest by the coordinator so the waiver can be read, understood and signed. No dangerous or inappropriate acts are allowed. Some acts may require the actor to sign a waiver. It is the responsibility of the performer to have the necessities in advance to carry out the act. Some skipping ropes, hula hoops and juggling props as balls, clubs, or rings, are provided. However it’s best to bring your own.
The weekly winner automatically advances to compete in the next round.
They will be eligible to win the Sideshow souvenir plaques and prizes of equal value to the Limbo Lion winner in the same category.