The Secrets of Being Funny

This program is by far the most thorough, the most practical, the most sensible, and the most usable system for learning and developing your comedic skills. It provides a detailed curriculum that tells you exactly what you will be learning and allows you to judge for yourself how it will be beneficial to you.

How Do We Help You?

We help by educating you with a detailed, proven, systematic, approach to understanding and developing comedy. You will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for creating dynamic humor as outlined in our exclusive textbook Jokes, Humour, Laughter: The Secrets of Being Funny.

Our goal is to teach you the scientific, artistic, linguistic and emotional skills necessary to creating laughter from various situations. Whether your objective is to become a stand-up comedian, add humour to a speech, or your everyday conversations with others, develop a more formal or commercial skit, play or screen-play, we will teach you and test you to ensure you become an expert in all areas of creating laughter. Regardless of the format of your final presentation, we will show you how to include a large variety of humorous elements to keep your audience laughing.


What will be the Results of doing the Course?

Our course of study will have a significant impact on your future presentations. The addition of humour in any project increases its entertainment value regardless of the content. It is typically judged to be more effective than a comparable non-humorous work.

There are few things more embarrassing than failure to deliver the intended humor, and the awkwardness run deep and long, scarring many for life. Why endure the tortures of hell when appropriate training can make you surpass superstar status in the field and permanently morph your career? Creating comedy is serious business. Those who have an audience looking at them with microscope eyes must be 1000 percent sure that the lines they are delivering are indeed funny. Failure can deliver a humiliatingly slow knock-out blow to one’s feelings. At times, the damage to one’s self-confidence is psychologically fatal.

The most important part of our job is to educate you so you can judge for yourself that what you have produced is indeed funny. You can be confident in your deliveries knowing in advance they will have the desired results.

Will I be Successful?

Our course is successful because it examines in great detail what causes a situation to come across as being funny. Understanding the entire wide range of comedy is important because it gives you a number of options to use when you are faced with developing any situation into something designed to cause outright laughter. When attempting to produce comedy people are often faced with a problem of knowing that something is funny, but they find it difficult to develop it into a joke with a beginning, a middle, and an ending. We will provide you with a number of proven strategies for solving this annoying problem since we give you an effective and comprehensive game plan.  We aim to move you from where you are to a position that allows you to understand, create, modify, evaluate what makes situations funny, and use that information to make people laugh.

Developing Comedy

If you are serious about being funny save time and money and avoid embarrassing attempts at humor. Injecting humor in presentations is more difficult than it seems. Get the correct training from us. Learn how to command attention and demand respect. Be a cut above the rest by knowing what makes people laugh and using the entire spectrum of possibilities. Be the one with the goods fans want to hear, and see a difference when you visit the bank.

Who should take this course?

Detailed instructions are provided for those who are interested in providing comedy, whether their purpose is to improve their delivery of jokes, write comedic work, or understand the methods that can be used to make others laugh. Stand-up comedians, various kinds of instructors, lecturers, teachers, politicians and those involved in various social human activities will realize that humor is the spice that makes conversation and communication more interesting, palatable and digestible. Since a joyous event is such a universally accepted human stress reliever, it can be used as an ice-breaker and a calming influence in many situations. Aspiring leaders, relationship builders, negotiators, and those wishing to climb the ladder toward a better career should understand the powerful effect of a good sense of humor. Great and ordinary people alike know that a good sense of humor, when appropriately used, is an illusory but complimentary aspect of charm and charisma. When sprinkled in social interactions it works an enviable magic.

Jokes, Humour, Laughter: The Secrets of Being Funny

The course provides extensive and detailed instructions for providing comedy.

The patterns of comedic situations that produce laughter will be dissected and examined to allow you to understand the constituent parts of a successful joke. An in-depth understanding of the structure of jokes will help you to create new jokes. You will be taught the methods of putting together a similarly structured joke and how to create other original jokes. You will also be taught how to use a combination of features and techniques to strengthen a joke to guarantee thunderous laughter. The dos and don’ts of jokes will also be discussed.

This course aims to flood your mind with a multitude of different techniques that will remain uppermost in your mind so that you will be able to tap into them to produce various types of jokes. You will also learn how to evaluate a joke. This will help you to identify the source of the weakness in a joke and show the steps that can be taken to improve it. After completion of this course you should be able to get some poor jokes, fix then up, and make them funny.

To improve your sense of humour we will show you how to use our guided principles and appropriate education to retrain your mind to think in certain ways.

The curriculum is designed for one to one instruction and is adaptable to various types of comedic creators.

All courses are based on our exclusive textbook Jokes, Humour, Laughter: The Secrets of Being Funny. The course is divided into fourteen progressive sessions.



Our Private Instruction to Meet your Specific Needs Includes:

  • One-on-one comprehensive study of the structure and creation of comedic situations as outlined in the authoritative book Jokes, Humour, Laughter: The Secrets of Being Funny
  • Necessary exercises to allow you to use the skills you acquired and adapt them to your specific needs
  • Effective feedback for progressive and continued improvement
  • A Certificate of Completion at the end of the course. This entitles you to a discount on the evaluation of one of your future projects. It also qualifies you for a cost reduction on the consultation of one of your later presentations.


Session 1: TWO WEEKS  $200

Week 1 The first segment is introductory and includes familiarising you with Building your case for telling a joke, Using  the Appropriate Vehicle for your Comedic Routine, What all Comedians must know, Sources of Your Jokes , Jokes and Sex, and Providing  the necessary Background Information.

Week 2 Joke Analysis -Breaking it Down

The main objective of this session is to inform you of the methods we use to systematically examine, dissect, study, analyse and create jokes. We educate you about some common features of jokes and how they function to generate maximum laughter, and teach you the way to include them in your work. You should also be able to make judgments about the most effective ways to put together jokes. In addition, we provide you with some wicked strategies for enhancing your jokes.


Session 2: TWO WEEKS  $200

Week 1: Joke Analysis Exercise

You have now learned the proper way to analyse a joke. Now you must understand how to complete exercises designed to help you to thoroughly figure out and assemble comedic situations.

Week 2  Active Ingredients

We introduce you to the important components of many jokes that are responsible for intense and sustained laughter. If you are building a joke it is a good idea to include at least one Active Ingredient. The first Active Ingredient is Body Imperfections. Here we study the phenomenon of humorous statements made about the imperfect nature of our bodies.


Session 3: TWO WEEKS  $200 

Week 1: Breaking it Down

You investigate a typical example of how to examine, understand, analyse, dissect, evaluate and create comedic situations

Week 2: This is your first ‘test.’

You  are guided to complete an exercise that helps you examine, understand, analyse, dissect, evaluate and create a joke to familiarize you with the Breaking it Down probing method.


Session 4: TWO WEEKS   $200

Week 1 Active Ingredient:  Egos Clobbered/ Revenge/Reversals

We love to see the tables turn on an unkind person. Learn to use this to your advantage with those who are boasting, egotistical, vain, or creating an embarrassment for another person.

Active Ingredient: Demonstration of Your Sense of Humour and Intellectual Prowess. Many jokes require some thinking by the audience. The audience must be aware of information and ideas from another source, and be able to make a connection between those and what is said in the current joke. We train you to create the conditions properly and plant funny ideas in peoples’ minds.

Week 2 Glimpse of their Thoughts and Unforeseen Implications

We instruct you on creating jokes that are based on the audience working out for themselves the thoughts of someone in an incident, and the implication of the situation, without you saying it directly.


Session 5: TWO WEEKS  $200

Week 1 Active Ingredient: Cute Statements – Poetically Put. Understand the effectiveness of expressive, cute, or poetic language, and train to use them as the vehicle to convey a point. Send home your message with an explosive punch-line.

Week 2 Down the Garden Path

We educate you about the way we speak and understand conversations and conventions during communications and how these assumptions can be exploited to develop jokes.


Session 6: TWO WEEKS  $200

Week 1  Targeted Groups

Learn why some groups as such as Blondes, Blacks, Chinese, religious institutions, homosexuals are picked on or selected when jokes are being told. Know the advantages, pitfalls, cautions, and criteria for using these jokes before they you ruin your career.

Blondes: Why are blonde jokes so prevalent?

Week 2  Jokes Based on Race and Accents.

Deciding if and how to use these jokes.

Religious Jokes: Which are the good ones?  Should you be poking fun at important issues in the spiritual lives of organization?


Session 7: TWO WEEKS  $200

Week 1 Misunderstandings

Discover how simple misunderstandings can be a great avenue for developing jokes.

Week 2 Ambiguous Situations, Ambiguous Language and Double Meanings.

Gain insight and knowledge on how these can cause misinterpretations and find out the way to make them hilarious.


Session 8: TWO WEEKS  $200

Week 1 Puns

Acquire the ability to be funny and interesting by deliberately playing with a word or words to reveal two or more meanings.

Week 2 Riddles, Knock Knock, Zingers and Trick Jokes

A riddle is a puzzle question devised to be virtually unanswerable.

The knock-knock frequently uses puns to answer questions.

Zingers are funny single statements.

Trick Jokes are designed to trick someone and make them look silly.

A doctor should not specialize to the point where they cannot help someone with a bruise. Similarly a complete comedian must know the rules for creating sound Riddles, Knock Knock, Zingers and Trick Jokes. You may choose to use or not to use them directly. However, the skills you learn will be invaluable because they give you another dimension or bridge to made comedic connections.


Session 9: TWO WEEKS  $200

Week 1 Combining Unrelated Concepts

Develop the skill of using your imagination to Invent Connections between two unrelated concepts. This is not that difficult with training, but the results make you appear like a comedic magician.

I Can Play that Game Too

Master the means of mimicking a person’s words or actions and adding a twist to them.

Week 2 Not Applicable

I remember two events clearly from my childhood. The first was when my friend crashed his motorbike. Before we started attending to his bruised, battered and bloody body he asked if the bike was OK.  The second was when a policeman-in-training fell off a horse. The vet ambulance came, administered first aid to the horse, and removed it while the horseman was left waiting for the paramedics. In this segment we examine instances where people ignore or miss the important issues and respond to trivial or non-crucial aspects of a situation.

The Speaker’s Ignorance

Some responses that people make show they have no idea of the meaning of a previous comment. Learn the strategy to create these and include them in your act because they make others cry with laughter.


Session 10: TWO WEEKS  $200

Week 1  Explanations – Usual and Unusual

Some Explanations people give for their actions can be quite strange- some even bizarre to us. Yet at some level they make sense. It is because we somehow understand the logic behind their reasoning that we find it funny. Learn the art of to developing believable and unbelievable explanations.

Week 2 Solutions

People are continually looking for Solutions to problems.

We show you how the comedic effect is derived from the implications, consequences, reactions to the solution, and the plain truth.


Session 11: TWO WEEKS  $200

Week 1 Faulty Conclusions

Some People, especially those with special interest, can draw the wrong conclusions when presented with what seems to be overwhelming evidence. We coach you on the art of using this in your work.

Week 2 Consistency of Biased Stereotypical Behaviour

These are always a favourite with audiences everywhere. Here we deal with the stubborn tendencies, prejudices, and beliefs that people hold on to and express.


Session 12: TWO WEEKS  $200

Week 1 You See what I mean

Learn how to set up a premise and command your listeners to suspend their disbelief and follow the logic of your incredulous stories.

Week 2 Visual Comedy

Some comedy or jokes depend on a visual component to be completely effective. Information is provided on when and how to direct the eyes of others for maximum comedic effect.


Session 13: TWO WEEKS  $200

Week 1 Disguises

Become familiar a whole host of implications of Disguises and their comedic effects. Understand how to use a number of related concepts that make people laugh easily.

Email Jokes: An examination of the common features of email jokes will allow you to create your own and boost your joke-building skills.

Week 2 Deep Questions

Create your own Deep Question, Oxymoron, Quotation, Definition, or Confucius Says. Gain valuable insights in how to use language to employ a pun, a play on words, or double meanings to highlight the contradictory things we do, say, and take for granted.


Session 14: TWO WEEKS  $200

Week 1  And Don’t Forget

Writing comedy that keeps it real; Preparing for interviews; Handling hecklers; Evaluate your own presentation by checking your volume, tone, articulation, pace of delivery, clarity and effectiveness of language, facial expressions, body-language, timing, flow, and punch-line delivery.

Week 2  Conclusion: Implications for you and your Project, Next Steps, and Questions.


Tips on Making a Decision on a Course of Study

When making a decision on who to choose you should be guided by two factors:

  1. The person teaching the course should have authority on the subject. Have they written a book on the subject or have they provided you with a detailed formal curriculum? If someone shows you a course of study you can judge what they are going to teach you and make a decision. They have provided you with a way of making them accountable.
  2. Based on their qualifications, do you think this person is capable of teaching well. Effectively passing on learned skill is an art and a science in itself. Being a good basketball or baseball player does not automatically make someone a good coach. It is the same with the teaching of comedy.

How Do I Start?

Begin by providing your experience, and exactly what you want to achieve and we will provide you with the curriculum to suit your needs.

Money Back Guarantee

You have absolutely nothing to be worried about. JokeUlaugh is so confident that you will see a dramatic improvement in your ability to display your sense of humor that we offer you a money-back guarantee. If you are not convinced that course can meet your goals after the first hour of instruction (Week 1 The First Segment) 100 % of your money will be refunded.


Method of Payment

Payment is completed via PayPal’s engine. We accept all major credit cards. A paypal account is not required for purchase. Payments are secured and your information is kept confidential.


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