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Laugh and Learn the Craft Lessons

The Laugh and Learn the Craft Lessons is an entertaining and educational presentation that is based on the textbook Jokes, Humour, Laughter: The Secrets of Being Funny. It is adaptable in length, style and format to suit the needs of diverse audiences.

Bio of Rufus Paul                                                                

Rufus Paul came from a family of misdiagnosed comedians. Has written, acted in, and directed numerous plays and comedy sketches. He is an international Master of Ceremonies. Rufus has been a classroom teacher for over three decades and has a master’s degree in education. He is a student of comedy. In his new book Jokes, Humour, Laughter: The Secrets of Being Funny he explains, in great details, the techniques to create laughter.


Jokes, Humour, Laughter: The Secrets of Being Funny    

There are no prescribed recipes or formulas you can use to produce laughter. Jokes, Humour, Laughter: The Secrets of Being Funny is a textbook style course intended to help those who want to master or improve their skills in creating, modifying, or telling a joke, or evoking laughter. Detailed instructions are provided for those who are interested in providing comedy, whether their purpose is to improve their delivery of jokes, write comedic work, or understand the methods that can be used to make others laugh.


Laugh and Learn the Craft Lessons

Here’s the three-part goal of Laugh and Learn the Craft Lessons presentation:

1.) to educate organizations, groups and audiences about the benefits of laughter

2.)  to entertain them so they will laugh and enjoy the benefits of laughter

3.) to teach some important techniques to create laughter.

At the end of the session they will understand what makes people laugh and be able use that knowledge to their advantage. As much as possible examples will be used that are meaningful or relevant to those in attendance.


The Value of Humour

Most people involved in social activities realize that humour is the spice that makes conversation and communication more interesting, palatable, and digestible. Since a joke is such a universally-accepted stress reliever, it can be used as an ice-breaker and a calming influence in many situations. When humour is used appropriately, it becomes an important aspect of charm and charisma. When sprinkled in social interactions, jokes work an enviable magic. If two speeches are compared to determine their quality or effectiveness the one that is funnier is usually believed to superior. This is because boring speeches allow the pressing personal thoughts of listeners to creep in, but interesting ones keep us focused on its contents.


The Science of the Best Medicine                                                      

Laughter is amazing for your physical, mental, and social health. What else do you want? It’s good for your physical health because it boosts your immune system, lowers stress hormones, decreases pain, relaxes your muscles even after 45 minutes, increases infection-fighting antibodies to improve your resistance to diseases, and protects you against heart and other cardiovascular problems. It’s beneficial to your mental health as it adds joy to life, erases anxiety, relieves tension, and improves mood. Laughter dissolves distressing emotions. Even forcing a smile can actually lift a person’s mood. You can’t feel anxious, angry, or sad when you’re laughing-unless someone picks your pocket when you are laughing. That could make you anxious, angry, or sad.

Laughter works magic for our social health since it strengthens relationships, attracts others to us, enhances teamwork, helps defuse conflict, and promotes group bonding. Humor and playful communication strengthen our relationships by triggering positive feelings and fostering emotional connection. When we laugh with one another, a positive bond is created.

Laughing with others is more powerful than laughing alone. People were designed to laugh automatically when they hear or see funny things.  I explain in the presentations I conduct, that it makes sense to laugh. If you don’t laugh others will suspect you of being deviant! Most humans naturally mirror the habits or emotions of those around them. Those who don’t we call them jerks and other names. This is because when our brains hear laughter, it activates the facial muscles to ready us for a good serious laugh.

What can you expect from Rufus Paul during Presentations?

The Mood

You can expect jokes and a happy joyous audience. I bring the laughter. There will be concrete proof of that.


Because the world is getting too serious.  People we need to laugh more. I’m serious. How many people know that laughter can get you high?  People are going to doctors, naturopaths, pharmacists, and plastic surgeons. They are binge eating binge drinking, binge smoking, binge TV watching, binge computing, binge texting, etc., buying a dog, being a dog, when all they have to do is laugh more. Some of these awful habits will reduce your health, some decrease your wealth, but most increase your belt. On the other hand, laughter, I promise you, triggers an increase in endorphins – brain chemicals known for their feel-good effect – which gives the brain the same kind of “high” as heroin or prescription pain killers.  And laughter is not illegal even though it may be immoral sometimes. It relieves pain and helps you cope with stress because they relax you and makes you happier.


How? I’ll Entertain You

I share some really funny jokes with you. I know thousands of them but I’ll share those that your audience can relate to. For this reason we must meet so we can discuss some of the non-harmful juicy things that going on in your organization, audience, or community! Don’t worry, I won’t reveal my source.


Then What?

I will use those same jokes to teach the audience some secrets of being funny they can use in the future to inject the level of humour they wish, in their own presentations and communications. At the end of this session everyone and will be able to use the basic fundamentals of creating laughter.

I guarantee you that I will create a happy audience.  I bring the laughter! I provide a money-back guarantee, because I will not collect a fee if there is no laughter and happiness during my presentation!

And finally the audience gets a chance to practice learned skills with my signature group participation activity. At the end of the session participants will be called upon to mingle and introduce or reintroduce themselves with someone next to them. First they tell their favourite joke. Then they can choose a joke that they already know. In both instances they are expected use some techniques discussed during the presentation to improve the joke. We have two rules here: One, make sure your jokes are appropriate. After all these are people from the cooperate world who attend these events. And two, when someone tells you a joke here today you must laugh! I’ll be around to choose some goodies that I hear and ask tellers to see who have the courage to come up on stage and tell one. Trust me, if you believe nothing else I tell you, believe you me. This is always a hit. It makes event/ planners/conference organizers look like superstars and super geniuses for hiring me. They will look at you and mentally mob you. The person with the best joke as determined by the audience’s reaction wins my trademark backwards clock. I usually hang it on the wall in a visible location to have members of the audience look in awe of its reverse workings.  I don’t tell the participants about this prize before because I find it inhibits some volunteers.

And don’t forget your homework. I can’t claim to be a teacher if I don’t assign you something. Using the skills that you have learned today, create a joke from scratch to tell to a sympathetic listener.  And there should be absolutely no excuses to your teacher for not doing the homework. Because you are handing the homework in to you. N.B. You are not supposed to say ‘I’m telling you a joke.’ Pretend you are simply telling a story.


Book Rufus to Speak

I am available to bring my Laugh and Learn the Craft Lessons to you.
If you are hosting a conference, or an event, or need a speaker-entertaining/inspirational/educational and are you’re interested in working together please contact me.

The cost ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 plus basic travel expenses (airfare, hotel, trips to/from the airport, or ground transportation). Some conditions apply for the minimum rate of $1,000. At the maximum rate of $5,000 every member of my audience receives a free copy of my book, Jokes, Humour, Laughter: The Secrets of Being Funny. There is a maximum of 200 books given out for free to 200 people for this steal of a deal. Add $10.00 for each additional person above 200.

Let me know your ideas on what works best for you to have a successful event.

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