Rufus Paul was born into a family of misdiagnosed comedians. He has written, acted in, and directed numerous plays and comedy sketches. He is also an international Master of Ceremonies. Mr. Paul has been a classroom teacher for over three decades and has a master’s degree in education. He is a student of comedy and has decided to pass on his comedic skills by writing a book.

Mr. Paul is available for speaking engagements and consultation on various comedic situations, including evaluations, critiques, and constructive feedback of oral or written humorous work, performances, skits, speeches, routines—virtually anything into which humour can or should be injected. It makes sense to always have your work evaluated before you present it.

His textbook Jokes, Humour, Laughter: The Secrets of Being Funny is by far the most thorough, the most practical, the most sensible, and the most usable system for learning and developing you comedic skills.